Unique Design Ideas For Your Restaurant

When you think of owning a restaurant, hundreds of questions popping up in your mind are natural. What will your restaurant, bar or café’s design be like? How can you make the interiors attractive and elegant without interrupting the functionality? Will building services enable your splendid styles to materialize? Or simply how do I make my business profitable?

If you are puzzled by similar questions, you don’t need to worry. Because when you enter the world of restaurant interior design, you’ll obtain a whole new idea and appreciation for well-planned interior spaces. And for that, you need to hire interior designers who specialise in restaurant interiors.

Meanwhile, here are some unique design ideas for your restaurant-
⦁ Design the external façade for maximum visibility
⦁ Use a mix of covered and open ceiling
⦁ Merge interiors and exteriors to expand space
⦁ Use flooring to create zoning
⦁ Use walls to tell a story
⦁ Use lighting and greenery to add to the mood of the place
⦁ Position order delivery counter for visibility and single line customer flow

Now, let’s look at each of these ideas in detail with some images to fire your imagination

External Façade
Visibility plays a key role in the success of your restaurant. The exterior of your restaurant should act as an extension of your dining experience and serve as an advertisement and attraction. The external façade should be designed to stand out yet blend in with the interiors as well as signage.
Pay as much attention to outdoor lighting as you do indoors by highlighting the architecture of the building, illuminating signage, and brightening seating areas if any. Lighting should be designed smartly to enhance the visibility and the front of the restaurant should be kept transparent to showcase the interiors.

Ceiling Design
If you’re wondering whether you should go for a false ceiling or raw ceiling in your restaurant, let us tell you the truth, false ceiling is outdated, raw ceiling is overrated. We’d suggest you try a clever mix of covered and open ceiling. A stylish and outside the box ceiling design can change the whole look and atmosphere of the restaurant.
Covered ceiling hides services and helps reduce volume for air-conditioning expenses. Provide a short open grid or rafters which add character to the ceiling while providing accessibility to all services.

Merging Interiors and Exteriors

The front of your restaurant should be as open as possible to visually expand the space. Providing sliding and revolving doors which can open completely during good weather days and peak down is a great idea. Bringing the outdoors inside and vice-versa gives a relaxing feel to your restaurant.
Extend the service or bar counter outside for partial service. Provide air curtaining at the juncture of the two spaces to prevent loss of air-conditioning and condensation issues.

It’s easy to take your flooring for granted and assume it doesn’t matter what it looks like. But flooring no longer has to be a mundane structural detail. It can be quirky, fun, and it can add wonderful aesthetics to your restaurant.
You can use the flooring to create zoning for various seating and serving areas. The primary aisle can be highlighted with a patterned or specially designed borders etc. You can use vinyl stickers to tell a story or as a directional signage. The only fact to be kept in mind is that the flooring should be functional and safe.

Walls can talk
In case you’re wondering if walls could talk, let us tell you that they most definitely can, and how! You can use your walls to tell a story about your restaurant, about food, about life or anything that you wish to.
Typography, murals, wall art and decals are just a few examples of how you can design your walls attractively. Contrast colour palette, exposed materials, etc can also enhance the aesthetics of your restaurant. Although, you should make sure to keep the wall treatment minimal and uncluttered so that it looks neat and gives more space for wall decor.

Lighting and greenery
Lighting and greenery add to the mood of the space. Bringing in a splash of green along with warm lights instantly increases the aesthetic value as well as draws more customers. However, energy efficiency should not be compromised with in the quest of giving gram worthy photos to your patrons.
Plants and flowers are a great way to deck up your restaurant. You can switch them whenever you want to. Living walls and vertical gardens have also emerged as major design trends. Not only do rows of lush herbs and greenery create gorgeous visual impact, they can also improve air quality.

Order delivery counter
Whether you’re planning to own a coffee shop, a QSR or a Deli, finding an ideal position for the order delivery counter is a task to be pondered over. The access to the delivery counter should be easy and the aisle should be clearly demarcated. Design for a single line customer flow since it’s a more fair and hassle-free practice. An infallible way to attract more customers is to ensure that the delivery counter is visible. Delivery counters make the sales go up by tremendous numbers, so planning it smartly is a good choice for your restaurant.

There are gazillion permutations to choose from and decide what you want your restaurant to look and feel like. But these are some of the factors that most definitely make your restaurant unique and alluring while also taking care of the functionality of various spaces. We’d recommend you to hire professional interior designers who specialise in restaurant interior design to help you with designing what is best for your restaurant.