What services do you provide?

We provide complete services for resturants including design right to creating your resturant in a flat pack and project management. 

Do you also do contracting/execution?

We provide tech enabled project management services which allow you to get real time updates of the site and on-board an experienced contractor along with rate and vendor management. 

How much will my restaurant cost?

We have three plans to chooose from, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. More details can be found here Design Pricing Plan To get more details of costings, it is best you speak to us!

I have a list of furniture and kitchen equipment that I want for my restaurant. Can you help me?

We work with some of the leading vendors in this space and can provide you with consolidated BOQ and also how you can save for multiple outlets. Please reach out to us directly. 

I have a limited budget for the outlet, but how can we work with you? 

Our pricing packages are designed to suit everyone's needs. We provide you cost saving options from our design services till the supply of products, please refer to our Smart Design page. 

I like a design on your website. Can I shop for this design directly?

Yes you can! Not just that, you can also buy associated products and have our team implement them. Please refer to Smart Design.

In which cities do you deliver restaurant interior projects?

We deliver in Tier 1 and Tier 2 citiies in India.

How much are your charges if I have a small outlet?

Our designers have curated multiple looks to match the format and size of your restuarant. You can choose to buy the entire look or buy individual products from this look that match your style and budget. Please refer to Smart Design

Is there a minimum sq footage that you need to start a project? 

We work on custom projects upwards of 500 sq feet and our Smart Designs can cater to smaller spaces. 

How will you design my restaurant?

We use our unique 3Dapproach - Discover, Design and Deliver

Discover: We understand your style from a gallery of looks that we have curated for various restuarant sizes and formats

Design: You can choose to buy a design from our gallery or our designers will design something unique for you 

Deliver: After the design is complete, it is time for execution! We will provide you execution support and source furniture and kitchen equipment for you as per the design.

When will you visit my site?

We will set up a call with you to understand your requirements and then progress to a meeting based on the information received. 

Do you also plan/ design a commercial kitchen?

We are commercial kitchen design experts and have executed multiple kitchen projects. Our solution covers supply of commercial kitchen equipment and design including.
1.Equipments finalisation based on Menu. 
2. Work flow logic and optimisation plan. 
3.Material and Kitchen staff movement plan. 
4. Storage optimisation. 
5.Exhaust, Fresh Air and Heat Load solutions. 
6. All services design (Mechanical, Electrical,Plumbing, Fire Safety, Gas piping etc).

I just want seating area design, will you take it up?

We offer design, execution and furniture supply for seating area including scalablity for mutliple outlets. 

How can i see project images that are similar to my needs?

You can visit our Project Gallery and choose projects based on location, format and size. You can even download and share this portfolio. 

How long will you take to design?

Designing is a two way interactive process wherein the client and our design team interact to bring the vision for the project into a reality. A dedicated project team works to ensure timelines are met with dependencies on client feedback and approvals. A typical design , from planning to releasing construction drawings, typically takes about 2-3 weeks for a 800-1000 sq. ft outlet.

How many design options will i get?

Number of design options depends on the project package and we usually provide at least two. All provided designs are UNIQUE options, varying in style and approach. Variation in colours and materials of the same design are included and are not considerd as unique options.

What drawings and documents will i get to explain to my contractor?

You shall receive a design docket, 3D renders, GFC (Good for construction) drawings of interiors as well as services including but not limited to electrical, plumbing, AC, Exhaust,FA, fire alarm with material specifications and sample mood board.

Do i need to have a site before i start design process?

A site is not required for a concept development. Infact, we advise to start the process before site finalisations as it saves time and money. You can start with our Alpha /Beta package and then upgrade to Gamma as and when site is finalised.

Do you take up contracting work?

We have an empanneled list of restaurant-specialised contractors for you to choose from. Our Project management team assures that the project is delievered within assured time and costs. We also certify the contractor's payment after quality check post which you directly pay the contractor. 

What do your project management services include?

Our services include the following PMC.  

1. Access to experienced and vetted contractors. 
2. Dedicated tech enabled project manager who manages the site within assured timelines and budget.
3. Dashboard to track the progress of your projects.
4. Certification of contractor payments post quality check.

In which cities do your contractor partners operate?

Our network of contractors can service projects anywhere in India subject to the project budget and scope of work. 

Would you take contracting if you haven't designed my project?

Unfortunately, we do not provide execution services for projects not designed by us. 

How much do you charge?

Our fee varies depending on the overall project costs and timelines please talk to our team for our tech enabled scalable solutions as well.