10 Must-Have Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A guide to set up a running restaurant kitchen

Whether opening a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing one, choosing the right kitchen equipment is essential for success. The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant, the place where your menu comes to life.

Commercial Kitchen design

Commercial Kitchen design


Kitchen has to be the most carefully planned area in a restaurant which requires a meticulous thought process. Kitchen equipment depends on the size of your restaurant kitchen, the concept, the offerings and the budget.

Below mentioned is the list of 10 must have commercial kitchen equipment-

  • Cooking equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Food preparation equipment
  • Small-ware equipment
  • Janitorial equipment
  • Fabricated equipment
  • Serving equipment
  • Safety and hygiene equipment
  • Operational equipment


Cooking equipment

Cooking equipment is the keystone of your commercial kitchen. It includes ovens, ranges, grills, fryers, toasters, microwave, coffee brewer, etc. While buying kitchen equipment, think of the most common equipment required depending upon menu, size and function. Choose the right power type for your kitchen and be reminded that you will need additional gas hoses and other components to establish your cooking equipment. It is also necessary to plan the position and spacing of the equipment in your kitchen.


Commercial kitchen cooking equipment.

Refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is important to keep your supplies and food fresh. Refrigeration equipment is required for cold storage, for large scale cold beverages, beverage dispensers in QSRs, etc. It includes a refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, etc. The driving factor while choosing the right refrigeration equipment is capacity and shape. You need to choose equipment that fits your kitchen and accommodates the amount of food prepared in your restaurant. Specific refrigeration for specific purposes in a commercial kitchen.


Refrigerators, Freezers for commercial kitchen

Storage equipment

Every restaurant will need storage equipment for ingredients as well as small-ware and equipment. Various storage equipment include shelves, utility carts for front-of-house area or for moving heavy loads, pan racks, dunnage racks for heavy utensils, storage containers for ingredients, etc. Separate storage will be required for dry and wet ingredients. Storage equipment should be chosen based on the ingredients required for the menu as well as quantity of food being prepared. Having ample storage equipment also helps in minimising wastage.


Storage Equipment for Commercial Kitchen

Food preparation equipment

Although different kitchens may require different equipment depending upon the recipes, most food service operations would need prep tables for preparations, mixers and grinders based on utility, food processors, grinders, blenders, etc. These equipments help reducing prep time and manual labour.


Equipments used to prepare food in commercial kitchen

Small-ware equipment

Small-wares are the tools that your employees will use in the kitchen to prepare and cook your dishes. When ordering small-wares for your new kitchen, make sure that you purchase the right quantity and quality. Small-ware include knives, chopping boards, mixing bowls, pots, whisks, measuring supplies, pans, kitchen spoons, etc. There’s a long range of variety to choose from when it comes to small-ware.

Equipments for Small ware


Janitorial equipment

Cleanliness is essential in the food service industry, so you should be sure that your new business has all of the janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies it needs. Different restaurants may require various cleaning supplies depending on what appliances and flooring they have. Some of the commonly used janitorial equipment include cleaning rags, mops, bins, buckets, sponges, sinks, dishwasher, restroom supplies, etc.


Janitorial Equipments

Fabricated equipment

Fabricated equipment in commercial kitchens are non-mechanical equipment, for example, ventilation equipment which involves duct work, connective hoods and fan blades, etc. They further include oven component parts, auxiliary components like bull-noses, shelves and back-splashes, and various kinds of weldments and frameworks. Fabricated equipment are essential in a commercial kitchen as they involve mass production and are subjected to heavy wear and tear due to frequent and rigorous use. Sprinteriors.com has all the experience to help you with your commercial kitchen design.


non-mechanical equipment, Ventilators

Serving equipment

A good hotelier knows the importance of exclusive serving equipment in his restaurant. The list of the equipment evidently depends on the format and menu of the restaurants. Cuisine plays the key role. You may need them in all shapes and sizes. Serving equipment includes bowls, plates, glassware, cutlery, dinnerware, linens, etc. You should purchase your tableware based on the seating capacity of your restaurant.

Serving equipments, bowls, plates, glassware, cutlery, dinnerware

Safety and hygiene equipment

Safety and hygiene should be a priority in any restaurant business. UV cabinets for raw material sanitisation, sanitisation and storage process for commercial kitchen operations. Safety products like gloves, sanitizers, face masks, headgears, and visors are prime elements mandated for kitchen and service staff.

Your restaurant should always follow guidelines for hazards, most commonly fire, for the sake of everyone’s safety. You must check your local fire department guidelines before purchasing any fire, safety, or sanitation equipment, and avoid potential complications by keeping your kitchen up to fire code standards. Fire extinguishers, hydrants, sprinklers, etc. are a must for every public place. With sharp equipment, open flames, and tight spaces, there are many safety risks present in a restaurant. Safety of the staff is the most pivotal thing to take care of in a restaurant that includes various kinds of oven mitts, aprons, anti-slip shoes, slip-resistant mats, first aid kits, etc. You can head to sprinteriors.com for a wide variety of hygiene and safety products to choose from.


Operational equipment

The best way to make your restaurant highly functional and efficient is switching to a POS system which reduces manual labour and simplifies operations. You need to choose the best suited system for your restaurant from a large variety of POS systems available in the market. It gives you complete control and transactional transparency over the restaurant and is highly beneficial in terms of time as well as profit.

It can also help in keeping regular checks at the inventory will help increasing efficiency, and making better return. It reduces the risk of wastage, spoilage, running out of items and eventually utilising the expenditure effectively. Digital menu is also trendy as well as efficient operational equipment which makes communication easier and the process faster.



Choosing appropriate equipment can be a tiring task. This list of must have commercial kitchen equipment will guide you through it. Ample amount of research and prioritising the needs is going to help you choose wisely and stay in your budget. 

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