What To Look For When Planning To Refurbish Your Restaurant Interior

by Admin

Refurbishing your Restaurant interior is sometimes even more tedious than starting a new Restaurant  altogether. It requires a lot more planning and detailing in execution. However, sometimes  it becomes absolutely necessary to keep your property in good shape and selling well in  between heavy competition in the Restaurant business.

Refurbishment of a Restaurant is a challenging task. There are innumerable aspects to be  considered while doing so. It requires a detailed study of what exists and what needs to be  incorporated in the new design and the budget to bring it to life. 

Here are some of the aspects to be taken into consideration when planning to refurbish  your Restaurant interior-

  • Assessment and scope
  • Budget and objectives
  • Plan ahead 
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Opt for classic and durable styles
  • Hire interior designers

Assessment and scope

Often, the usual approach towards Restaurant refurbishment is aesthetically driven to keep the  clients engaged with your property. In the process, the need for technical improvements is  often neglected. The key is to assess the pros and cons of the already existing property,  especially structurally. It is very important to compute whether the existing core structure  can withstand the new changes in the interior design.

In addition, it is also crucial to keep in mind the customer experience and accordingly  mould your design aesthetically and functionally. The purpose of refurbishing your Restaurant is  not just improving aesthetics, but also ease of service for your staff as well as customers.  You should have a clear vision about the extent of your renovation, i.e. if it is limited to only  upgrading certain areas, or do the core details like plumbing and electricals need to be modified as well.

Budget and objectives

Determining the budget is one of the most critical stages that define the success of a Restaurant  refurbishment as it affects the entire execution process. If the interior designer has a  clearly defined budget from the beginning, they can manage the execution and plan the bill  of quantities accordingly to modify the project to provide best results. 

List down your objectives clearly and build a well-thought plan with your interior designer,  this will help you work in a time frame and boost your business in the long run. Make a  checklist of what needs to be retained and what needs to be incorporated in the  renovation. Not defining clear objectives beforehand can make your whole project go  haywire. It is advisable to approach Restaurant interior designers in Mumbai to come up with the  best design and execution plan for you because they understand the nature of hospitality  that you wish to provide your guests and help you achieve your goal.

Plan ahead

Refurbishing a Restaurant is a unique opportunity for the property to take on a particular  direction and to stand out from the competition. Evidently, the definition of the concept also  affects the design identity and potentially the facilities that the Restaurant will want to include.  These factors must be entirely taken into account by your interior designers.

Hire the best Restaurant interior designers in Mumbai for your project and let them take care of  the whole process of design, budgeting, detailed drawings and construction for you.  Finalise on a plan before bringing it on ground and stick to the plan. Changing plans  midway may cause delay in completion as well as disturb the budget.

Plan for the unexpected

Even if you plan your refurbishment project beforehand, there may come some  unexpected challenges at site based on previous construction, new requirements, or  miscellaneous factors that come up at site. Always keep some funds aside for such  unwarranted situations. 

Changing your vision midway can result in serious cost overruns and time delays that your  business can ill afford. Refurbishments come in all shapes and costs; make sure you know  how much you can afford before you can get into it.

Opt for classic and durable styles

Refurbishments and renovations cannot be carried out often. They require a lot of capital  and time investment depending upon the size of the property. Therefore, it is a smarter  choice to opt for styles which are classic and will not go out of trend any time soon. 

Some of the ideas can be to opt for a more neutral colour palette, using textiles made of  natural fibres, etc. Displaying art work of local artisans can be a great way to prosper in  your business while also providing them livelihood. Localising the materials and  construction techniques can also work wonders in attracting the clientele.

Hire interior designers

Taking professional help for your Restaurant refurbishment will always prove to be a boon. You  can hire Restaurant interior designers in Mumbai who specialise in construction and  refurbishment of hospitality properties. They understand your requirements perfectly and  will work towards making your hospitality story a success not only aesthetically but also  technically and functionally. 

Moreover, it is also important to stay involved with the team of professionals during the  whole process of refurbishment, right from the concept to final execution. A project can  take anywhere from a few months to several years and smart communication will keep  everyone informed, eliminate challenges before they happen and keep the team engaged  in the process.


Renovations can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to better the guest experience  and bring additional revenue to the asset. Following these simple rules will help provide  this and allow owners to keep control of cost and minimize lost revenue. Make sure you  allow a buffer at the end of the project. Constructions and refurbishments hardly ever go  as per plan. Creating a timeline and adding a bit of patience always pays off in good  results. has the answer to all your worries when it comes to Restaurant  refurbishment.