Frymaster - RE14-TC - Standing RE Electric Fryers

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• Open frypot (full or split) design -easy to clean.
• Proprietary, self-standing, swing-up, flat-bar, low-watt density, long-life heating elements.
• CM3.5 controller.
• Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet.
• Melt cycle and boil out mode.
• Deep cold zone with 1-1/4” (3.2 cm) IPS, full-port, ball-type drain valve for full frypots;1” IPS full-port ball-type drain valve for splitfrypots.
• 2 twin fry baskets.
• 8-1/2” (22 cm) adjustable legs.
• Proprietary, self-standing, swing-up flat-bar, low-watt density, long-life heating elements with power interruption if elements are raised.
• Full frypot = 25 liter oil capacity, 14kw, Frying area 14” X 15-1/2” (35.6 x 39.4 cm).
• Split frypot = 12 liter oil capacity, 7kw, Frying area 6-3/4” x 15-1/2” (17.1 x 39.4 cm).
•  Weight: 97.1 kg

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Frymaster - RE14TC - Standing RE Electric Fryers Details.


Specifically designed for high-volume frying and controlled performance. Frymaster’s proprietary self-standing, swing-up elements and precise controls ensure industry-leading energy efficiency with ASTM ratings greater than 83%, far exceeding ENERGY STAR® qualification standards and qualify these fryers for energy-saving rebates. The thermostat, mounted on the elements, ensures precise temperature readings. The thermostat system minimizes temperature overshoot maximizing oil life. The large cold zone and forward sloping bottom help collect and remove sediment from the frypot to safeguard oil quality and support routine cleaning. A rear flush feature moves sediment to the front drain valve for easy and thorough removal. These models will accommodate additional accessories including CM3.5 controller (standard on TC models) and automatic basket lifts. The fryer cabinet can include an additional spreader cabinet with an optional heat lamp and holding station. The TC model electric fryers have advanced electronic switching devices which pulse the amount of energy required to the electric elements in much smaller increments than traditional on/off electrical contactors or gas controls.  The result:  greater reliability and more precise temperature control.  These models also have an insulated frypot which can reduce standby energy consumption by an additional 10%, and they come standard with the CM3.5 controller which ensures pinpoint accuracy of oil temperature and adjusts cooking time for consistent high-quality production. 

Brand Frymaster
Model RE14-TC
Dimensions (WxLxH) mm 397x953x1158mm
Capacity(Ltrs) Full frypot = 25 liter, Split frypot = 12 liter
Number of Fry Pots  2
Control Type Digital
Types Standing Electric Fryer
Material Stainless Steel
Power Type Electric
Electrical 220-240V / 1Ph N / 50Hz
Made in USA